I love Jesus. I love the fact that He died on the cross for my sins and yours. If these statements offend you, then go to another page. I wanted to create a cross, but as I was going through my windows and frames, I decided to replicate Calvary. I found this window on a trash pile. The neighbors put in new windows and put ALL the old windows by the side of the road. I called a friend and she helped me haul my treasures home. I used both stained glass and recycled glass. Shells were included too since I live on the coast. This piece would make a great gift for someone in ministry or anyone else who loves Jesus. Window is 33 1/2" X 31 1/2" and is very heavy. S&H might be cost more depending on your location. $150 not including s&h and insurance. Like the design, but would like a smaller window and/or frame? Commissioned pieces are available!