About Me

     Reinvention keeps life interesting. In my opinion, my life would seem very stagnant if self reinvention was not involved. I am on reinvention #4.
     Now, if you are totally happy with your current situation, fabulous! Don't change a thing if you don't want to. Have a passion or desire tugging at your heart strings? If the timing is right, go for it!!

     Now that I have that off my chest, you can find out a bit more about what makes me tick. I have an absolutely gorgeous life. So far, every aspect has brought me joy in some way or another. The readers who have children will understand when I type, small children and glass do not mix. Actually, any type of art medium and small children do not mix. 

     Over the years, I have dabbled in different artistic mediums when I could. Now that the children are not so small, I feel very comfortable with glass on glass as my creative outlet. How did I come up with glass on glass? While strolling through an Art Walk in Manteo, NC, several years ago I came upon an artist who had taken old windows and adhered transparent, colored glass. After walking away with a beautiful piece but no further information as to what she used for the adhesive, a spark had been ignited in me. I tried almost every adhesive I could get my hands on. Some worked, some....not so much. After scrapping unsuccessful tries, I landed on my completed project and boy, was I pleased!!!

     As of this post, I have been married to the same man for 18 1/2 years and live in Conway, SC. We have two children ages 10 (going on 16) and 6 1/2 (going on 25). During my most recent reinvention, my family has been nothing but 100% supportive. Really, at the end of the day, how could I ask for more???